Thursday, December 25, 2008

Family in Brief

I am Salem Thompson. Parents are Brooks and Bonnie Thompson. We all all VERY blonde and blue eyed.
Sister Katherine 26, married, mother or two, and a Medical Doctor in womens specials, pediatrics, and anesthesiology;
Sister Auralee 21 married, mother of one and due for another in the next month and is half way through college.
Brother Brooks 19 , single and is also at UVU to be a commercial/private airplain pilot; and is an amazing dancer of all types.
Sister Mercy 17 - very beautiful- she is a regional gold medal winner of theatrics, excellent dancer, and she plays the piano. She's a friend magnet too.
Brother Christian 15 an amazing gentleman and is an interstate regional gold medal winner of theatrics, dancer, and plays the trumpet and doues amazing pencil art work.
Brother David, 13 does piano and straight A student at school.
Sisters Galilee 7, Grace 5, and Spring 2- kind, gentle and cute 24-7.

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