Friday, December 26, 2008


When I think about the friends I've known
And all the ways to love they've shown
I realize I am not alone I was a boulder, a stone
Never giving anything to anyone
Always denying that flicker of hope
Wondering if it was all a show
Now I see things differently
I see things as they were meant to be
Where true friendship means more
Than just a knock outside your door
My friends believed in me
More than even I could see
I became something true
Someone that cares through and through
About the lives he touches
His negatives no longer his crutches
He gives because he has been there
Where you have nothing left but the air
He works his hands
For the betterment of man
Never tiring, never ceasing
Cause and effect have played their part
Almost succeeding in taking his heart
All these things that I've tried to become
I owe to my friends, every single one
For showing me the path I couldn't see
I try to thank them in my way to be

-Karl Ludwig

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